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Hunting term to describe the precise observation and assessment of game before making a shot. Acquisition can justify a shot, depending on the identified animal species, its age, sex and possible signs of disease GECO has five different bullet lines to provide hunters with an ideal selection of the most suitable rounds: GECO PLUS is perfect for shooting heavy game. GECO EXPRESS ensures hits over long distances. GECO SOFTPOINT is a genuine all-rounder and universally suitable for all kinds of game. GECO ZERO is lead-free and delivers incredibly powerful stopping power. GECO STAR is lead-free and engineered for maximum penetration.

Air pistol

pistol that generally uses air pressure or cold gases (CO2) as propellants. The main ammunition used is 4.5-mm air gun pellets. The GECO DIABOLO was developed specifically with beginners and hobby shooters in mind. After all, people who enjoy shooting a lot need accurate air gun pellets at the best price. A permit is required for air pistols and CO2 pistols with a muzzle energy of more than 7.5 joules.

Air rifle

rifle in which the bullet is propelled out of the barrel by the expansion of compressed gas (ambient air or C02). A permit is required for air rifles and CO2 rifles with a muzzle energy of more than 7.5 joules. GECO offers the 4.5-mm GECO DIABOLO for classic air rifle shooting disciplines. By contrast, the GECO SUPERPOINT is ideal for field target disciplines and pest control. 


When used in connection with firearms, this means ready-to-use shooting material for guns. Ammunition can be divided into different categories, including rimfire cartridges, air gun pellets, rifle cartridges and handgun rounds. GECO’s modern and extensive range for hunters and sport shooters around the world builds on more than 130 years of experience and expertise. GECO combines high quality ammunition standards with excellent value for money.

BDC – bullet drop compensator

A bullet drop compensator (BDC) is used to adjust the elevation and range of the rifle scope at any time. 


Bullet is the term used for the actual projectile that is propelled out of the barrel of a long gun or handgun by gas pressure. Bullets can possess a wide variety of properties and can be either leaded or lead-free like the GECO ZERO and GECO STAR bullets. In addition, bullets can exhibit different design characteristics that may promote mushrooming on impact, preserve mass stability or cause fragmentation when hitting the target. The GECO ACTION EXTREME FRAGMENTATION, for instance, was introduced as a handgun cartridge. 


measure of the outer diameter of projectiles or the inner diameter of a firearm’s barrel and the casing dimensions. Different methods are used to determine the calibre of rifles and shotguns. For rifles, the value is usually determined by the diameter of the projectile relative to the case length. Example: GECO 7x57 ZERO. The original producers of the calibre are often included in its designation (so Win. stands for Winchester in the GECO .270 Win.) or it may contain a historical component. Calibres or gauges of shotguns are defined by the shotgun’s gauge measurement and the length of the casing when fired. Classic calibres include 9 mm Luger, .223 Rem., .308 Win., 8x57 IS and 8x57 IRS. 


Cartridge component that is generally made of brass. It holds all the parts together and connects key components like the powder and percussion cap with the bullet. Cartridge cases are often reused (reloading). The GECO range for reloaders includes casings for pistol and revolver cartridges. 

Centerfire cartridges

Cartridge in which the primer (percussion cap, detonator cap) is fitted at the centre of the case head. The primer ignites when the firing pin strikes the centre of the percussion cap. The GECO ranges includes a broad selection of centerfire cartridges for all kinds of uses. They consistently guarantee impressive accuracy along with top quality and reliability.


The term choke generally describes a constriction (taper) in the shotgun barrel which influences the spread of the shot after it exits the muzzle. A common combination is to take the first shot with a quarter choke and the second with three-quarter choke. This produces a wide spread at close range and a tight shot pattern further away. Most modern shotguns have interchangeable chokes.


Powder burning and bullet abrasion cause a variety of deposits to form in the barrel and chamber of the gun, depending on the product. The purpose of cleaning guns is mainly to remove this residue and to restore all affected parts to a spotless condition. 

Coup de grâce

Hunters use the term coup de grâce to describe a shot to put an injured or sick animal out of its misery, for instance when tracking shot game or after a traffic accident. Long guns or handguns with special coup de grâce ammunition is generally used for this purpose. GECO’s range includes a wide range of products suitable for this application. Products from the GECO ACTION EXTREME and GECO ACTION EXTREME FRAGMENTATION lines are ideal for administering the coup de grâce with a handgun. 


The crimp is a type of closing for a shotgun shell. The shotgun shell is sealed with a cap and held together by crimping the casing. Reloaders also call this folding. The GECO range offers a broad range of reloading components including rifle cartridge bullets and primers and bullets, casings and matching primers for handgun ammunition.

Deformation bullet

Mass-stable projectile that deforms (mushrooms) upon impact with resistance. The lead-free projectile GECO STAR is a prime example from our product lines. It delivers maximum penetration and has high residual weight.

Driven hunt

Form of social hunting for large game in which the animals are driven out of their pack/cover and set in motion by beaters and hounds. Many hunters prefer to use special rifle scopes with highly flexible magnification in these situations. The premium GECO 1.7-9x44i and 1-5x24i rifle scopes are perfect for driven hunts.


Acronym for dynamic training & exercise. Special sport cartridge built for shooters with a high ammunition consumption, for instance anyone training for a demanding dynamic discipline in IPSC. Our range currently includes the popular calibres 9 mm Luger, .223 Rem. and .308 Win.

Exit pupil

The exit pupil or exit aperture describes the diameter of the bundle of rays leaving the eyepiece, binoculars or rifle scope. The EP is calculated by dividing the object diameter by the magnification.


This term describes a lens or lens system that acts as a kind of magnifying glass. The eyepiece allows a shooter to see a magnified version of the real image through the objective lens.

FFP – First Focal Plane

The reticle is located in the first focal plane and is enlarged or reduced in the same proportion as the image.

Fold crimp

Method of closing shotgun shells in which the case mouth is folded over the shot in a star-shaped pattern.

Full metal jacket bullet

Projectile with a tip that is completely concealed beneath the jacket. A full metal jacket bullet retains its original form when encountering resistance, e.g. the body of an animal. It remains mass-stable and dimensionally stable. Full metal jacket bullets are commonly used in sporting disciplines and are very popular in dynamic IPSC events. The outstanding value for money of the popular .223 Rem., .308 Win. and 9mm Luger calibres is particularly noteworthy. 

Game preservation

Game meat that is obtained with minimum devaluation caused by mechanical destruction, contamination or bruising. The highly effective GECO PLUS bullet and the lead-free GECO STAR deformation bullet ensure outstanding preservation of the game meat.

GECO Control

Smart automatic illuminated dot for maximised energy efficiency.


Extremely fine GECO illuminated dot with minimal target coverage.


Special lens coating that prevents water and dirt from adhering. Similar to the well-known natural lotus effect. The coating significantly reduces lens fogging as well.


Ballistic GECO reticle for long range shooting that renders even the finest details visible over considerable distances. It also enables shooters to adjust rapidly to different distances without having to change the reticle settings. The GECO TR1 is used in our GECO 6-25x50 rifle scope. 


Multi-layer finish for maximum transmission even in the worst light conditions


Elevation turret and target turret in one for fast and accurate bullet drop compensation.

GreenFire technology

GECO ammunition with GreenFire priming technology reduces lead exposure in the immediate vicinity of the shooter thanks to a fully encapsulated bullet rear and SINTOX primers. The firing process and gas expansion do not release any lead particles into the environment. This technology has been used in NATO-qualified ammunition for years and is ideal for closed shooting ranges and galleries. 


firearm with a short barrel that does not belong to the long gun family. Handguns include pistols and revolvers. These firearms are called handguns because they can be operated with one hand. GECO offers a wide selection of handgun cartridges for a variety of uses. 

Handgun cartridges

cartridges that are designed for use with handguns, e.g. revolver or pistol rounds. The range of GECO handgun cartridges is consistently tailored to meet the needs of shooters. A wide range of cartridges is now available for static and dynamic shooting, hunting and self-defence. With 13 calibres and 10 different types of bullets, GECOְ’s handgun programme will always include the perfect product for any application. 

Hunting Act

There are federal and state hunting laws in Germany that regulate all legal issues associated with hunting. With more than 130 years of experience and expertise, GECO today offers a modern and broad range for active hunters. The range extends from ammunition and optics to selected equipment and covers every conceivable hunting scenario.

Hunting from a blind/driven hunt from a blind

The most common form of hunting in central Europe. Cloven-hoofed game and predators are often hunted from a blind in the early morning hours and the evening. In a driven hunt from a blind (social hunt), several shooters are spread out over one or more hunting grounds, e.g. in hides, while a few beaters and possibly pointers worry the game, set the animals in motion and drive them out of the thickets. GECO has five different bullet lines to provide quality-conscious and price-conscious hunters with an ideal selection of the most suitable rounds. 

IPSC shooting

IPSC stands for International Practical Shooting Confederation. Generally speaking, this means dynamic shooting disciplines in which the shooter is given a certain time to complete a stage that tests skills such as endurance, coordination, timing and accuracy in particular. Large volumes of ammunition are consumed during the training sessions. An ammunition line like the GECO DTX is ideal for training sessions of this kind as it delivers excellent value for money and is available in .223 Rem., .308 Win. and 9 mm Luger, the three most popular calibres. 

Long gun

the law defines long guns as firearms whose barrel and breechblock together are longer than 30 centimetres in a closed position and whose shortest total length for the intended purpose exceeds 60 centimetres. Long guns are classified as rifles, shotguns and combination guns depending on their design and construction. GECO’s wide and varied range includes a number of ammunition lines for hunters and sport shooters who care about quality and price. 

Magnum cartridges

rifle cartridges, shotgun shells and handgun rounds that deliver more power than standard loads due to the higher gas pressure. These loads can often be identified by their product names, for example the GECO .300 Win. Mag. ZERO with 8.8 g bullet weight.

Objective lens

Lens system that produces a real optical image of the viewed object in optical devices such as binoculars or cameras. The eyepiece is its counterpart.

Partial fragmentation bullet

A projectile that causes the desired effect by disintegrating into parts when it encounters resistance, e.g. the body of an animal. The GECO ZERO is a lead-free partial fragmentation bullet that is characterised by unbeatable accuracy and outstanding instantaneous incapacitation.


Describes the depth to which a bullet bores into a target medium – for instance the body of an animal – and its effect at this point. The GECO STAR lead-free bullet ensures maximum penetration and high residual weight. The GECO STAR deforms reliably and exhibits high inherent precision at almost all hunting distances thanks to its special design and hollow point.

Percussion cap

Percussion caps – often called primers – are components of centerfire cartridges and are used to ignite the propellant powder. Modern percussion caps are divided into Boxer and Berdan primers. The latter is a special case as the two flash holes are mounted in the casing. They are used primarily in the military sector. There are two Boxer primers in our range: GECO Small Pistol and GECO Small Rifle Primer. 


Single or multiple-shot handgun in which – unlike in revolvers – the chamber is located at the rearmost section of the barrel. Pistols shoot handgun cartridges, primarily in the standard calibres like 9 mm Luger and .45 ACP. GECO has an extensive product range in this area that includes the right products for every application.

Plastic casing

cartridge case made of plastic generally used in shotgun ammunition. It contains the shot load. Compared to cardboard casing, plastic cases have the advantages of being robust and extremely weather-resistant. Waterfowl hunting.


Percussion caps – often called primers – are components of centerfire cartridges and are used to ignite the propellant powder. Modern percussion caps are divided into Boxer and Berdan primers. The latter is a special case as the two flash holes are mounted in the casing. They are used primarily in the military sector. Keen reloaders will find two types of primer in the GECO range: GECO SMALL PISTOL PRIMERS and GECO SMALL RIFLE PRIMERS. 


Technical device used to determine the accurate distance to a target. Most rangefinders for hunting and sport also take into account parameters such as temperature, air pressure and angle. Measuring options that factor in the inclination and use an integrated ballistics computer to show the corrected distance – as in our GECO 10x50 RF – offer an additional advantage.

Rapid fire pistol

As the name suggests, this is a handgun fitted with a device for the Olympic rapid fire pistol discipline. Rimfire cartridges are always used for this discipline. The GECO .22 L.R. SEMI-AUTO is especially suitable.


Term for the marking in the first or in the second focal plane of the scope that helps the shooter to aim. There are different types of reticles for hunting, sporting and military purposes, for instance the MilDot reticles for shooting at long distances. Our new GECO 1.7-9x44i rifle scope has an illuminated fibre optic reticle and is ideal for use with night vision devices. Broadly speaking, reticles come either with or without illumination (illuminated reticle). The ‘i’ in the product name makes them easy to distinguish.


A revolver is a multi-shot handgun with several rotating barrels or a cylinder. The latter holds the cartridges, which are loaded directly into the chamber. The GECO range for revolver shooters caters to the areas of static shooting, dynamic shooting and hunting. 


Firearms with long barrels, also known as long guns, that differ depending on their type and construction. Rifles are the classic guns used for hunting or sport shooting. The variety with smoothbore barrels are generally called shotguns while the term rifle is used for those with rifled barrels. Combination guns are produced as well.

Rifle cartridge

Cartridges designed for rifles, i.e. long guns with rifled barrels. They are differentiated according to their ignition mechanism: rimfire or centerfire cartridges. GECO carries rimfire cartridges for sport. Hunters and sport shooters will find the right ammunition for any scenario – hunting trip, competition or dynamic IPSC shooting – in our centerfire cartridge range. 

Rimfire cartridge

Cartridge in which the primer is located in the rim and no conventional primer is attached to the casing. GECO rimfire cartridges are optimised for use in sport settings and are available with two different loads. The GECO .22 L.R. RIFLE is available for riflemen and the GECO .22 L.R. SEMI-AUTO for pistols and semi-automatics. 


Semi-automatic firearms or self-loading guns reload automatically until the magazine is empty. GECO has a wide variety of products optimised for semi-automatic guns.

Shot pattern

The shot pattern of a shotgun shell describes the uniform distribution and number of shotgun pellets when shot at a certain distance. A shot pattern is good if 60 to 75 percent of the pellets hit the intended target.


Broadly speaking, a shotgun is a rifle with smoothbore barrels that is used to fire shot at small game and clay pigeons or to shoot slugs. Shotguns are classified as long guns. In addition to hunting applications, shotguns are popular sporting rifles, especially for dynamic IPSC shooting. GECO shotgun shells are specially designed and optimised for semi-automatic shotguns and provide unbeatable value for money in high-consumption training sessions.


Single projectile fired from shotguns. Also interesting: the GECO Competition Slugs line is ideal for the Association of Military and Police Riflemen (BDMP) disciplines RF1 and SF1 or for highly accurate IPSC shotguns.


A slug is a single bullet that is fired from a shotgun. The GECO Competition Slugs line is perfect for dynamic shotgun shooting.

Sport pistol

Pistols that are used primarily for sport shooting. They are generally small bore pistols, which also include air pistols. Only air gun pellets are used for accurate shooting with air pistols. Sport pistols must function flawlessly and guarantee automatic cycling at all times. To this end, GECO has introduced a cartridge that is specially engineered for semi-automatics and pistols: the GECO .22 L.R. SEMI-AUTO.

Stopping power

Describes the effect on the game upon impact of the bullet. High stopping power takes the game down quickly and reliably. GECO has five different bullet lines to provide hunters with an ideal selection of the most suitable cartridges with excellent stopping power. This opens the doors to the world of hunting and guarantees the best possible success out in the field. 

Twilight factor

Guide value for the resolution or performance of binoculars or spotting scopes in twilight. Devices with a higher twilight factor are more suitable for use during twilight hours. It is, however, a theoretical variable with barely any practical relevance.